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Section Leaders

Section leaders for the main TUBBS ensemble are generally the same as those for the ladies and gents, so that members have just one name to remember. HotTUBBS is small enough not to need section leaders.


  • Know the TUBBS repertoire for your section.
  • Check teach tracks as they are released to make sure they match your music.
  • Be the point of contact for any music questions from your section.
  • In conjunction with the MD, point out persistent errors in your section and how to fix them.
  • Lead any sectional part of rehearsals.
  • Know who in your section will be at any concert.

If you can't be at any rehearsal, unlike members it's your job to let the MDs know. Easiest way is probably to email music@tubbs.org.uk.


We have music team meetings from time to time, which includes all directors, librarian and section leaders. You also have a standing invitation to most committee meetings; dates, times and locations should be announced on the Facebook members' group.