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TUBBS Friends

The Friends of TUBBS is for those who are not past or present members of the Society, but nevertheless have an interest in us and wish to receive news and updates about what we're up to. You'll receive an email monthly (or thereabouts) from the Friends & Alumni Coordinator, giving a brief summary of what's been happening with TUBBS and giving you notice of any upcoming concerts, competitions or other events.

To become part of the mailing list, simply send an email to friends-and-alumni@tubbs.org.uk asking to be added and we'll see to it: shortly thereafter you'll start receiving the monthly Friends Of TUBBS newsletter!

If you are interested in supporting the Society by donating, you may like to know that we are in the process of setting up a scheme to reward donors with a discount on TUBBS merchandise in the shop, so watch this space.

Past members of the Society who left us before the Friends and Alumni were set up are welcome to join the Alumni mailing list: again just send an email to friends-and-alumni@tubbs.org.uk and we'll sort it out for you, then you can receive the Alumni newsletter with news tailored more specifically for previous TUBBS members.