Upgrade Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

If you can see a blue “e” in the top left of the TUBBS website, that's because you're using a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer lower than version 9. Our site won't look as good, and it's likely that your browser has security problems that have been fixed since it came out.

You can…


If you're running Windows Vista or 7, you can upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer.

Within the University or other large companies, you probably don't have administrator rights; please ask for an upgrade from whoever manages your computer.

Install Google Chrome Frame

If you don't have admin rights, or you're running on an older version of Microsoft Windows, you can still make Internet Explorer safer and more modern by installing Google Chrome Frame. Sites (including this one) can then request Google Chrome to do the work of displaying the page in Internet Explorer's window.

Once you've installed, come back to TUBBS and right-click on a page; if it's running, the last item in the menu should be “About Chrome Frame…”.

Change to a different browser

You might want to change your browser completely; most of the well-known ones are more secure and capable than Internet Explorer: