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HotTUBBS Auditions


If you wanted to audition for HotTUBBS - please email president@tubbs.org.uk with the subject as “HotTUBBS Auditions 2011” and please state the part you will be auditioning on (you are only allowed to audition for one part, but you may be allocated a different part after auditions - if you really “need” to audition on two parts please say why in your email) and your full name. You will then receive a link to download the teach tracks and PDFs. Rehearsals are on Sunday evenings (normally 20:00 to 21:30) and the audition will be on 25th October during the latter half of the rehearsal - let us know NOW if this is not feasible. The links for teach tracks will also hopefully be sent out to all members later this week, so visit the TUBBS society page at UBU's web site and join online :)